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Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Band

1. Promo kits are necessary for any serious band.

Venues will ask you to mail them or drop them off before they consider you for a show. Newspapers and music magazines will also ask you for them so they can do a write up. Press kits should include:

  • A cover page introducing your band and your musical purpose.
  • A detailed bio page outlining your career and band members.
  • A large, clear picture in color of the entire band.
  • Demo CD.
  • A business card with your contact information.
  • Letters of recommendations from fans / venues are a PLUS!

You can use online press kits such as, but most venues prefer the mailed kit.

2. Stickers.

Stickers are great for promoting your band. They help increase your fan base and can increase traffic to your website. Be sure to include your web address and contact information on your stickers. Pass them out whenever you have a show. People love receiving free stuff!

3. Banners.

Nothing says 'your band' like a big ole banner! It's important to have this on stage as you perform for additional advertisement.

4. Business Cards.

Great for promoting your band and to put in your promo packet! There are many sites that will print business cards for you at a bulk rate.

5. Flyers & Posters.

Flyers are great for handing out to promote your next show and website. Make them colorful and eye catching!


6. Website.

One of the most important promotional devices in your band's website. This is where your fans will be looking at your pictures, bio's and where your next gig will be. Make sure your information is organized and updated often.

7. Merchandise Table.

Have a small table set up at each gig with stickers, t-shirts, a guest book and some FREE demo CDs.

8. Email lists.

Have an email sign up sheet at every show and have someone walk around to collect names/email addresses. You will use this information to send out weekly band updates and let them know where you will performing next.

9. Incorporate the fans of your music.

Do not underestimate the power of your fans! They are excellent sources of promotion. They love your music and are willing to spread the word. Have them set up flyers around town, work at your merchandise table and collect email addresses.

10. Utilize the internet.

There are over 100 websites dedicated to promoting your band. Many are free and others charge only for premium services. These sites will allow you to put your band name, short bio and a link to your website. The more places that link to your band's website the more likely it is that future fans will find you.



Article provided by: MW Sound Promotions